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We offer an extensive range of the Herbal veterinary Formulations, which are prepared from 100% pure natural and biological herbs. These herbal veterinary formulations can be used as dietary supplements as well as alternative medicines. Extremely effective in action and safe in application, herbal compositions are available for cattle, poultry and other farm animals. Each formulation is hygienically developed under the strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Moreover, prior to market launch, each composition is extensively tested in lab for quality and effectiveness.

Mother nature has endowled india with the largest number of milk cattle. However milk production per head is abysmally merged. It is true that the milk production is limited by genetic, but it can be increased considerably with effective management of nutrion and water Ankur Agrochemicals developed a herbal cattle milk booster tonic which increases the yield and quality of milk.

It also enhances healthyness of the animal from within there is no side effect. It was observed that wonderful results can be seen just within a week. MilkMore is 100% herbal, cattle milk booster cum tonic. By ingredients like calcium, proteins, fiber, calories, tannins, phosphorous, calcium, glucose, sucrose, glocides health enhancer and basic element are naturally taken from or extracted from natural herbs.


  • Increase in milk upto 20-40%.
  • Increase in degree content upto 8
  • Increase disease resistance power of cattle.
  • Shows good result in health impact.
  • Also increase the milk % of next 15 generations.


Totally herbal, contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibre, calories, tannian, phosphorous, calcium, glucose, sucrose and glycosides.


Protein 21.32%
Moisture 6.92%
Fats 2.33%
Fibre 3.01%
Potassium 37mg/gm
Molybdenum +ve present
Calories 245/100gms cal
Carbohydtares 37.7%


Feed-supplement is a New-generation 100% "Organic Growth Promoter" for healthy and Disease free growth and to gain additional weight of 300-600gms per Bird. Ankur Agrochemicals & Veterinary Sciences develop worlds first of its kind and sensational water feed additive Chickmore to increase the Productivity and Profitability of Chicken farmers, which is extensively proved for the last 3years in trail farm and test marketing.

Chickmore is available in a packaging of 1500gms powder form, sufficient to feed for 30days(15 Alternate days feeding package) for a batch of 1000 Birds that costs only 12/Bird per batch. Cost-effective Chickmore helps in the broiler farmers and grow healthier birds with 100% survival rate at reduced expenditure and to gram remarkabely income to additional weight gain in minimum 300-600gms/Bird through increase FCR, transforming the economics of broiler farming.

Chickmore is the worlds latest applied Avain Rio-Needs Technology based 100% organic herbal formulation, withstands for both laboratory tests for its 100% organic nature and absolute safety and farm results for wonderful productive performance.

The unique performance of Chickmore is extensively proved and highly appreciated by many major and small scale broiler farmers, as the product is supporting the farmers to cam goods profits even with low market prices owing to increase productivity and reduce cost of production.


  • Grow healthier birds and reduce to expenditure medication.
  • 100% survival rate if feed from day 8th or 15th onwards.
  • Increase FCR, transforming the economics of broiler farming.
  • Gains remarkabely higher income through additional weight gain of 300-600gms/bird.
  • Earn higher income even with low market prices.
  • Achieve exceptional meat quality that meets export standards.
  • Highest surviveability against devastating diseases and atmospheric hardships.
  • It also improves general health status and well being of birds in resulting reduce incidence of diseases and support healthy growth.


The most important product we get from sheep is meat. Meat is an important component of our diets, and lamb and mutton supply us with many of the vital vitamins and proteins we need for healthy living.

Cost-Effective Meatmore helps the Goat farmers to grow healthier animals at reduced expenditure on medication. Increased FCR, transforming the economics of Goat farming. Highest survivability against devastating diseases and atmospheric hardships.

Meatmore improves general health status and well being of animals resulting in reduced incidence of diseases and supports healthy growth.


Extract of Sharpunkha, Chirayata, katuki, Maka, Awala, rohitak, ashwangandha, shatawari and by pass protein.


  • Works on growth retardation.
  • Benefits on reduced body weight.
  • Targets weakness & Hepatitis hence enhancing health properties.


Sheep and Goat: 20 gm per animal per day.


Charvan Chocolate is recommended in salt deficiency cases. Major content of lick is Sodium Chloride which is most essential electrolyte. It also contains trace minerals like iron, copper, cobalt and iodine. The Charvan is supposed to be hanged in front of animals by inserting rope in the hole of lick .By research we can say that , animal has an instinct to find their own food to cure there deficiency .

The normal sodium chloride level in animals is near about 139 Eq/It then thatAnimals starts licking the cattle lick. Mineral licks are very important to the health and performance of all livestock. Without essential vitamins and minerals, major health problems arise that could've been avoided by supplementing animals with loose mineral or a salt block. Salt deficiency is more troublesome in cattle, as they need salt every day for : (Na) osmotic pressure maintenance , acid-base balance. Body-fluid balance , nerve transmission and active transport of amino acid , as well as cellular uptake of glucose carrier protein , and Na, as a part of salt , is a major action of extracellular fluid and provides the majority of alkaline reserve in plasma.

Chlorine is necessary for activation of amyls, formation of gastric HCI acid, and is involved in respiration and regulation of blood pH. Deficiency of salt include muscle cramps ,rough coat, decreased feed intake, licking and chewing various objects, as well as decreased production. Dairy cows get hit the hardest first with salt deficiency, and may collapse and die if they have been salt deficient fora long period of time.

Salt acts on thermoregulatory center situated in hypothalamus. So it helps in maintaining the temperature of animal to optimum level. It also helps to maintain the osmotic pressure inside and outside of the cell membrane. so as to absorb the nutrients in to the cell and it energizes the animals.


  • To improve health.
  • Useful in salt deficiency, mineral deficiency, anorexia.
  • To gain weight/Anemia.
  • Goiter-iodine deficiency.
  • Demyelization.


Sodium Chloride 80.00%
Iron 13%
Iodine 00.003%
Copper 00.35%
Manganese 00.20%
Cobalt 00.02%

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