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Bhurakshak is a concentrated, ayurvedic bio controlled agent based on 37 ancient indian herbs. Bhurakshak is absolutely natural herbal based insecticide and anti-bacterial.

Source Plant Based
Types Systemic, Preventive, Curative
Form Dust
Packaging Size As per customer requirement


  • Nontoxic, biodegradable and ecofriendly product.
  • Enhances natural resistance of crops to pests and insects.
  • The complex nature of active principals results in antifungal and anti bacterial effect.
  • Increase photosynthesis activity, hence absorption resulting into stimulation of protective layer around the plants.
  • Lifecycle of pests is disturbed at developmental stage of eggs and larvae.


Karishma is a concentrated hitech extract of selected and agriculturally useful micro-organism and herbal extract soil conditioner.

Karishma works as a tonic for growth and development of crop. It is a powerful concentrate of organism and herbal extracts. It's continuous use stops the growth of fungus organated alignment.


  • Increase germination and seeds and early profuse rooting to cuttings.
  • Increase resistance of plants to insects, pests and diseases.
  • Prevention form diseases because of improved micro flora.
  • Availability of macro, micro and trace elements from the soil due to increase exchange capacity.
  • Enhanced release to nitrogen and other nutrients.
  • Activated natural metabolic cycle in plants due to naturally produced Auxins, Vitamins and Hormones in soil.
  • Healthy and vigorous plant growth due to improved soil plant eco balance.
  • Marginally reduce expenditure on inputs like insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Increase an healthy production of flowers and fruits due to good supply of necessary nutrients to plant tissues.


Parivartak is a balanced liquid innoculatebio-fertilizers, liquid bio-enhancer or growth regulator prepare using advanced micro-biotechnology.

It is extremely helpful in increasing fertility while reducing expenses and improves the texture and quality of soil.


  • Increase in micro-flora and fertility of soil.
  • Availability of necessary supply of nitrogen and unavailable phosphate and other nutrients from soil.
  • Enhance germination and growth.
  • Decrease mortality in seeds and seedlings.
  • Secretion of growth activators like IAA, Vitamin B, Gibbrilliens and Cytokinins.
  • Development of fungus resistance substance.
  • Enhance quality, shine, freshness and taste of product.


  • Increase in number of flowers and fruits.
  • Improvement in size, color, taste, shine and keeping quality.
  • Decrease dropping of flowers and fruits.
  • Prevention of some airborne fungal infections.
  • Availability of Gibbirellin like substance, Auxins, Vitamins and Nitrogen.


Sanjivani foliar ayurvedic spray, the metabolic activity corrector. Sanjivani is produced from time tested ayurvedic herbs which contain a balance of Vitamins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Organic Acids and Micronutrients.

It is a quick microbiological activator which boosts the biochemical activity in plants.


  • Strengthen cells due to Sanjivani herbs, which later modify into flowers and fruits.
  • Ensure supply of natural minerals in balanced form.
  • Increase photosynthesis.
  • lmprove taste, color, size and shine of fruits, flowers and leaves.


Vardhak is a concentrated hitech extract of selected and agriculturally useful microorganism and ayurvedic plants folier spray.

It is water soluble balanced organic and ayurvedic spray. Metabolic disturbance in plants due to imbalance absorption of enzymes and chemical nutrients from the soil often lead to poor yields.


  • Enhance growth and settings of flowers and fruits.
  • Prevention of premature shredding of flowers and fruits.
  • Activated photosynthesis in plants.
  • Balance alround development of plant tissues.
  • Enhance capacity of absorption of water and essential soil nutrients by crop.
  • Enhance resistance of crops to insects and pests.
  • Improved keeping quality of products.
  • Increase yield.


Ultrasaver is environmentally safe potassium based biopolymer in crystal form which are specially designed for use in agriculture and horticulture.

Ultrasaver can be efficiently used in agriculture to reduce watering frequency. They are beneficial throughout the growth cycle of plant, especially in the areas of germination, growth, enhancement, and root establishment. It's crystal absorbs up to 300 times it's weight in water keeping the soil moist for healthier plants.

Ultrasaver can reduce watering frequency by upto 50% reducing time and money spent on irrigation labor and water. These polymers work by absorbing and storing water nutrients in a gel form. These hydro gels help maintain the consistent moisture and nutrient balance in the root zone, reducing hydra stress which can slow plant growth.

Ultrasaver lasts in the soil for upto 6 months is compatible with the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Ultrasaver hold fertilizers just as it holds water. Therefore, one must reduce fertilizers use by upto 50% to avoid burning of plants, Because every soil has different characteristics, finding the optimum fertilizers rate requires adjustment of standard method of application. For sandy soil, be sure to request our WATER HOLDER when ordering.


  • Saves water.
  • Neutral pH level.
  • Improves quality of soil.


For Grasses For Vegetables For Grains
Broadcast the water holder at the rate of 2kg/acer.
Till into the soil at depth of 4” — 8” prior to planting.
Broadcast the Ultrasaver at the rate of 2kg/acer.
Till into the soil at depth of 4” — 8” prior to planting .
Broadcast the Ultrasaver at the rate of 2kg/acer.
Till into the soil at depth of 4” — 8” prior to planting .


Bioshakti-Bioorganic Rhizostimulant. intimation of roots, their growth and the absorbing capacity is highly influenced by chemicals, vitamins, hormones and microbes. Due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals soil started becoming compact, various essential nutrients became insoluble.

Similarly micro flora which is responsible for secretion of various hormones as well as playing major role in nutrient mobilization started depleting. The net result being loss of soil fertility decreasing quantity and quality of agricultural produce with the help of continuous research and experimentation.


  • Increases productivity of soil.
  • Improves quality of the crop produce depends largely on various factors, one of the factor being the efficiency of the root system which absorbs food material from the soil.
  • It is rich in vitamins. micro nutrients and hormones.
  • It is eco friendly in nature, non—toxic and bio-degradable.
  • It is complete nutrition to the plant.
  • It increases yield by 20-25 %.
  • It is nutritionally balanced food for plants.
  • It is composed from microbially derived protein hydrolysis having enzymes, vitamins, organic acid precursors which are responsible for enhancing plant grcwth.

It is recommended for all cereals, Pulses, Oil seed crops, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Citrus, Mango, Vegetables, coconut, areca nut, Coffee, Rubber, Ginger, Cummins, isabgol, Flower plants and Ornamental plants. Bioshakti being nutritionally balanced food for plants can be used for all crops.


Our aim is that everyone should be able to test the soil by his own hand. There should be a time efficient method. The cost of soil testing should be less as compare to others. There should be an easy method of testing. Farmer should know the deficiency in his own land.

Soil testing kit is a latest agri-biotech inventions. It is a technique that has been used by 150 countries to get good control on their soil and to fill up the deficiency in the soil.


Plants need nutrients for health growth. (N.Pand K for short), play a vital role in plant growth just as vitamins, carbohydrates and protein do in our health. Nutrient should be a supply as per requirements of soil, and after soil testing only we can know the exact requirement of plants.


  • 50 % of successes and failures of farm production depend upon the nature of soil.
  • Once soil nutrient levels are known, the right type and amount of fertilizers can be selected to correct deficiencies and improve plant performance.
  • A major benefit of soil testing is finding out how well the soil is suited for plants.

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